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Like Tears in Rain
Two-channel video installation, running time approximately 6:00 minutes, 2006.

Like Tears in Rain was exhibited from November 16 through December 16, 2006 at Claire Oliver Gallery, New York City, and from May 4 through August 12, 2007 at the Gibbes Museum, Charleston, South Carolina.

Like Tears in Rain is in the permanent collection of the Gibbes Museum, Charleston, South Carolina.


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Installation views, Gibbes Museum of Art.  Click for larger images.

Installation views, Claire Oliver Gallery. Click for larger images.


Detail: Anana and Lee
Still of polar bears  from Janet Biggs' video installation, 'Like Tears in Rain'


Detail: Summerall Guards senior drill platoon of The Citadel
Still of polar Citadel Drill Team  from Janet Biggs' video installation, 'Like Tears in Rain'

Detail: Anne-Greta and Cadet

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