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Single-channel video installation, 2003.

“Chamblee,” a video by Janet Biggs, depicts two wresters in a headlock vying for position, like stags locking horns. They move each other back and forth in an endless repetition while an audio collage of spectators and authoritarian voices taunt and shout orders. “Can we do it one more time? Let’s go! What’s the matter with you? Move your asses! We got a game to win. Push it! Push it! What the hell was that? You call that a hit? What are you, female? Keep going! Win! Win! Win! Win! Take your shot. You only get one chance. Hey, it’s what we’re here for, right?”

From: Pulp friction: Artists explore the underside of American culture, by Debra Jenks


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bullet Jenks, Debra: "Pulp Friction - Artists explore the underside of American culture." Chelsea Now, 14 December 2007.


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